One day you’re driving down the highway when all of a sudden you pass a Corvette Z06 and you say to yourself “that’s pretty cool.” Then you realize that the car you just passed is actually on fire.

That’s exactly what happened to one motorist, and he even managed to post some images of the flaming car on a forum. According to the thread, the owner of the brand new Z06 was just driving along when all of a sudden he heard something from underneath the car on the highway.

When asked if the owner was thrashing the car, he simply replied no, but mentioned that the dealer recently installed a new exhaust system. Eventually the fire department turned up and put out the flames, before they set upon the wreck with an axe.

This follows from the previous fires we've reported on with Ferraris and Lamborghinis, proof that no supercar is safe from spontaneously combusting.


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