It’s rare to see a supercar that can compete in both the fuel economy stakes as well as race track performance. Featuring a modified General Motors diesel 6.6L twin-turbo diesel engine and a unique eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, the Iceni R can reach a top speed of 230mph and accelerates to 60mph from rest in under four seconds. However, unlike many of its rivals, this supercar runs on homemade biodiesel fuel and achieves mileage rates of 70mpg when driven at a constant speed of 56mph.

The creation of Trident Performance Vehicles, based in England, the Iceni R has had a rough gestation. Changes in management, restructuring and refinancing has seen the project close to being thrown out on several occasions despite numerous deposits being taken from customers.

Some of the key specs include the perfect 50-50 weight distribution, output of 450bhp and mammoth 800lb-ft of torque, full Kevlar carbon fiber body, forged aluminum suspension, full electronic safety aids, as well as sat-nav and 20in wheels, oh and the 1,000 mile range from a single tank. And how much would you pay for one of the most unique supercars on the planet? The Trident Iceni R biodiesel supercar is yours for just £60,000, a bargain for this kind of performance--if they ever finish producing it.


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