It's annoying when a parcel you've ordered is held up in customs, right?

Well, famous British carmaker AC, and design house Zagato, are showing the 378 GT at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

But just like that parcel, the AC was initially a no-show at Geneva. According to CAR magazine, the prototype had been held up at customs. It seems nothing is sacred...

Those who do get to see the car alongside AC's older models at the show, can enjoy the classically striking Zagato styling, giving the car a look of movement even when standing still.

When it isn't standing still, performance should be impressive. Under the long hood sits a GM 6.2-liter V8, producing 434 horsepower. In a relatively lightweight body, acceleration should be "brisk".

AC is most famous for being the company behind the Ace, the two-seat sports car in which Carroll Shelby saw potential, turning it into the immortal Cobra.

AC has struggled in recent years, like many of its compatriots in the British car industry. Now under the guidance of new chairman, General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie--surely as suited to sending Spitfires into battle as running low-volume car companies--and with manufacturing bases in the U.K, Germany and South Africa, the company is looking a little more healthy.

The AC 378 GT Zagato isn't the company's first project with the Zagato--the AC Ace Bristol Zagato of the 1950s and the AC Frua of the 1960s were also styled by the Italian house.

AC is considering a further run of the Ace Bristol Zagato, as well as another take on the Cobra. The 378 GT Zagato will be sold in the U.K. and Germany only, at a cost of just over $144,000.