We haven't seen a Nissan product in this series since the Datsun 810, way back in September, so we're due!

I've thought about the odd-looking NX2000, but then someone on the 24 Hours of LeMons forums discovered this fine car for sale.

Yes, the Datsun F10 (aka the second-gen Nissan Cherry), a weird little car so strangely proportioned that even Malaise Era car shoppers--accustomed to the likes of the Buick/Opel and AMC Gremlin--shied away in consternation upon first seeing one.

The F10 was actually pretty sophisticated for its time, with front-wheel drive and sipping-through-cocktail-straw fuel economy, but you could get both those qualities in a Civic and not feel compelled to put a huge paper bag over the car when parked.

You have to wonder what Nissan's designers were thinking when they drew up sketches for the rear half of this car. Of course, such startling ugliness makes me want an F10 in the worst way… that is, if there are any nice ones left for sale.

Datsun F10

Datsun F10