Making an urban runabout into an exciting proposition isn't all that easy; even when cute or futuristic, they're still mainly meant to dodge low-speed traffic and park in shoe boxes. But Volkswagen is trying to put some spice in the exclamatory up!'s sauce for Geneva with a quartet of tweaked versions.

The first, the "swiss up!" is painted in the colors of the Swiss flag, decked out in Alcantara and leather inside, and has special pockets for Victorinox knives. Pandering to the natives? Check.

Next is the "winter up!," all dolled up with a snowboard holder for four boards, built on the "near production" Frankfurt cross up! concept for better foul-weather capabilities.

Third, the "x up!," built to haul luggage through the inky wilderness with its roof-mounted box and light rail system. It's also based on the x up! concept.

Finally, there's the "cargo up!," which packs 1,400 liters--about  49.5 cubic feet--of usable cargo area into the up!'s compact form. Target market? Pizza delivery, pharmacies, and similar light-duty urban cartage scenarios.

The High Gear Media team will be at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in full force, so stay tuned for live photos, news, and videos straight from the show floor next week.