You know what would be a great idea?

A Rover with Honda running gear and Lucas Electrics, that's what!

When the Sterling showed up in North America for the 1987 model year, it seemed like a chance to get a British luxury interior with Acura Legend reliability.

In practice, however, things didn't work out so well for the Sterling.

It turns out that an Acura hammered together in England and equipped with Rover-quality components was no longer very Honda-ish in the build-quality department. That's too bad, because these were good-looking, reasonably luxurious cars.

Is it even possible to find one in good shape today? You bet! So many Sterlings crapped out with 9,000 miles on the clock that you can find them in forgotten garages across the country. I'm looking!

1987 Sterling 825

1987 Sterling 825