When The General decided to bolster his subcompact troops by adding a Chevrolet-badged Suzuki Cultus to the lineup, even the most devoted GM apologists had to admit that the three-cylinder Chevy was miserably underpowered.

What the Sprint needed was that code word for "awesome" during the mid-1980s: TURBO!

Instead of the 48 horsepower of the regular Sprint, you got 70 horsepower in the Sprint Turbo; not bad for a car that barely cracked the 1,500-pound weight barrier.

Available for the 1985 through 1987 model years, the Chevy Sprint Turbo went pretty well for the time.

Sadly, nearly every single one has been crushed by now, but I'm going to keep looking for a clean example for the Murilee Martin Crazy Car Hoard Collection.™

Chevrolet Sprint Turbo

Chevrolet Sprint Turbo