As the first two videos in the “Building An SLS AMG GT3” series have shown us, a serious amount of attention to detail goes into the car’s construction. Now that the drivetrain has been mated to the chassis and the rough assembly has been completed, it’s time for some fine-tuning.

Like an expensive suit, the SLS AMG GT3 isn’t an off-the-rack purchase. Once the car is mostly assembled, it’s time for the driver to visit the factory for his (or her) custom seat fitting, since proper car control requires good driver positioning.

First, helmet clearance to the roof and roll cage is calculated, and helmet position is measured to construct the seat’s headrest. Next, expanding foam material is mixed and poured into a plastic bag, which is then positioned in the shell of the driver’s seat.

Step three requires driver participation (and patience), as the driver must sit in position until the foam expands and sets around him. Judging from the video, this isn’t exactly a quick process, but the step is necessary to get the best fit of racer and car.

Once the foam is hardened, AMG’s craftsmen get back to work in building a seat to the driver’s exact dimensions and body shape. We’d call that good inspiration to maintain a careful diet and exercise regimen, since seat fitting doesn’t look like something we’d want to endure more than once a season.