In the last installment of this video series, Mercedes-Benz showed us the early steps in the process of transforming a bare SLS AMG chassis into an SLS AMG GT3 racer. The video ended with the mating of the powertrain and chassis, which is (roughly) where this week’s installment begins.

Perhaps the most amazing thing of all is the cleanliness and order of the AMG assembly line. In fact, it looks more like an operating room than a factory floor, and you get the sense that the assembly workers take great pride in keeping it that way.

Even in time-lapse video, it’s clear that each and every worker knows his exact role in the assembly process. The build-up of the car is an elaborate ballet, with every step seemingly choreographed to avoid wasted or duplicated effort.

We thought that we’d seen dream garages in the past, but all pale in comparison to the SLS AMG GT3 assembly line. We’re bookmarking this video, so that when we do hit that big lottery jackpot, our architect knows exactly what to copy.

Now that we've seen the car come together, we're hoping the next video in the series shows shakedown and testing prior to customer delivery. As impressive as the car is standing still, it's even more impressive in motion.