The latest trend among Super Bowl advertisers is the use of amateur filmmakers to create ad spots, instead of (significantly more expensive) ad agencies. The tactic has worked well for Doritos tortilla chips, which now sponsors an annual “Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest.

Chevrolet has taken the same approach to its ad for this year’s Super Bowl, sponsoring a contest that drew entries from over 32 countries. The winning video, entitled “Chevy Happy Grad,” was chosen from 198 films and 400 scripts submitted by entrants.

“Chevy Happy Grad” was created by Zach Borst, an aspiring filmmaker from Long Island, New York. Borst has been producing films since his childhood days, and even started his own production company, Goat Farm Films.

Anyone who’s ever graduated from college (or high school, for that matter) can easily relate to the elation and despair portrayed in Borst’s video, which we’ll admit made us chuckle.

Borst gets a $25,000 check for his effort, but he also gets his video (which will go head-to-head with ads from Audi and Lexus) seen by an estimated 110 million television viewers.

We’re pretty sure we know which one is the bigger prize for an aspiring filmmaker.