The 2012 Detroit Auto Show is just behind us, but we've collected a look at several of the latest and/or greatest from the auto industry in a series of videos. Among them, we have the 2013 Scion FR-S.

As Scion's take on the Toyota GT 86 two-door sport coupe, it's probably the least expensive, most aftermarket-ready version of the three (including Subaru's BRZ)--but is it ready to take on the competition in terms of performance, style, and equipment? Mazda's MX-5 is lighter and sportier, Hyundai's Genesis Coupe is more powerful and refined inside, and even the Ford Mustang edges into the price range with style and power of its own.

In this video we highlight the key features of the new FR-S, and ask that very question. We'll have to wait until we get behind the wheel to know the answer, of course, but given its 200-horsepower rating and 2,700-pound curb weight, it's looking like the AE86 rival may be short on key stats.