Hennessey's 1,200-horsepower Venom GT is perhaps one of the most impressive American hotrods built on a British basis in the last half-century. Like the classic AC Ace was turned into a Cobra in Carroll Shelby's hands, the Lotus Exige in John Hennessey's has taken a lightweight British sports car and turned it into a world-beater--though without the racing pedigree.

Jay Leno, being the car fanatic and TV personality he is, has had special access to the Venom GT. His second go-round (catch the first one here) with the little beast earlier this week shows the car not in prototype form, but in street-legal guise, complete with John Hennessey on hand to talk about the car. Check it out.

 If you're eager for more from Hennessey, fear not: a Spyder is coming in 2013.