You already know all there is to know about the Hennessey Venom GT, but if you're like us, you need no excuse to spend some time taking another look at the car, complete with commentary by Jay Leno and creator John Hennessey. Especially not when it includes a look at the car's as-yet largely unseen engine bay, interior, and dynamic wing.

The up-close-and-personal look at the Venom GT includes some footage (with audio) of the car thrashing it at the track. It also includes the story of the design birth of the Venom GT, which actually started off as a joke. A wicked-fast, "Hey, this just might be possible" kind of joke.

Though it doesn't have the twin-turbo V-10 Viper engine that started the joke, the LS9-derived V-8 mounted behind the driver is our kind of punchline.

[Jay Leno's Garage]