As anyone who writes about cars for a living will tell you, we have the best job in the world. While the money isn’t enough to put the automobiles we lust for (and drive on a somewhat regular basis) in our garages, at the end of the day we get paid to experience cars and write about it.

Sometimes, that comes with a very steep price tag, as a writer for a West Flanders, Belgium newspaper recently found out. On hand for the upcoming Brussels Motor Show, 35-year-old Michael Cornette jumped at the chance to ride along in an Ariel Atom 3 roadster.

The Ariel Atom is known for razor sharp handling, but it can also be unforgiving at the limit. As reports, that limit was exceeded by the owner and driver, 30-year-old Matthieu Desmet, with fatal consequences.

Desmet lost control of his Atom 3 on a straight stretch of road, through what police described as “inappropriate driving.”  Michael Cornette died at the scene, leaving behind a wife and son, while Belgium's De Standaard reports that Matthieu Desmet remains hospitalized in a medically induced coma.

While most of us overestimate our own skills behind the wheel from time to time, rarely do mistakes come with such consequences. We’re all for driving a car at the limit, but only under the right set of circumstances and in the right location.

The potential cost of doing otherwise comes at too high a price.