There’s no denying that the Subaru WRX STI is a truly fast car, as anyone who’s ever lapped a racetrack at speed in one can attest. As one Santa Fe, Texas man learned last weekend, sometimes an STI really flies.

Royce Morales was stretching the legs of his STI on a public road (bad idea), when the 20-year-old Texan lost control somewhere near 90 miles per hour. His Subaru then went off-roading, before catching serious air from a railroad track berm.

As Autoblog and KHOU report, the car then flew some 100 feet through the air before punching through the roof of a local business. Police were alerted to the accident by the company’s triggered burglar alarm.

Morales, remarkably uninjured in the crash, was gone from the scene by the time police arrived and later attempted to report the car stolen. Police weren’t buying his story, as they’d already amassed enough information to charge him with reckless driving and filing a false report.

No matter how easy Dave Mirra and Travis Pastrana make flying a Subaru look, remember that these guys are trained professionals. Don’t attempt this stuff at home.