It's always nice to see a logical tune. Let the stripped-down, two-seat super-coupes get 1,000-horsepower engines and gaudy carbon fiber body kits, luxury cars are about elegance, comfort, and of course, making the money needed to buy them.

Instead of focusing all its attention on the engine bay or exterior, Startech, a member of the Brabus Group, carefully built upon the Jaguar XJ's interior for this latest tune.

Startech upgrades the already luxurious XJ cabin with premium leather upholstery and high-gloss, polished piano wood trim. The car also gets a new center console trimmed with leather to match the rest of the cabin.

Customers can select from a large variety of leather color patterns and add accessories like stainless steel scuff plates to further enhance the look.

Like the Mercedes-Benz S Class-based Brabus iBusiness before it, the car delivers productivity and entertainment via technology. The rear passengers have nearly all the conveniences of an office thanks to electrically deployed, seat-mounted trays that serve to hold Apple iPads and Bluetooth keyboards. Passengers are able to stay connected to the Web thanks to a high-speed GSM modem with vehicle-integrated antenna. All that is served up from heated power business seats.

Startech didn't ignore the exterior, altogether. It added an aerodynamic kit that includes front fenders with air outlets and a revised front bumper. At the rear, Startech added a diffuser, rear lip spoiler and stainless steel exhaust tips.

Finally, Startech adds to the tune set of 21-inch, three-piece Monostar J Diamond Edition wheels.