The upcoming Subieyota trio of cars (BRZ, GT 86, and FR-S) is an intriguing as-yet-unknown in the world of affordable, relatively light sports cars. Nearly taking the place of Honda's now-defunct S2000 on paper, aside from being 40 or so horsepower short, the car looks destined to become the next AE86--as it was intended.

In order to fulfill that role, it'll need to be a good drift car at the least, and as Ken Gushi and Speedhunters show in this clip, it looks like it will be. Whether it'll be as good on a dry track with just 200 horsepower on tap is another question altogether, as is whether it will have the handling and chassis tuning to compete when the goal is grip, not slip.

We hope to find the answers to those questions for you soon.