If you have a good audio editing program on your computer, and are skilled in its use, you can probably clean up the thirty-second video below to the point where you can really hear the exhaust note from the Subaru BRZ’s boxer-four engine.

The rest of us, however, have to suffer with a needless techno-music soundtrack overlaid atop the recording of the BRZ winding out on a racetrack. For car fans everywhere, we’ll just say this: manufacturers, please stop the madness.

What sense is there in releasing a video, the sole purpose of which is to illustrate the sound of your new engine and car, and then dubbing in a track of mindless, heartless technocrap that no one, and we mean no one, wants to hear? And spare us the convulsion-inducing (and utterly pointless) flashing lights, too.

Would Ferrari put its cars in the back of a video shoot, with only clutter in the foreground? Would Porsche highlight the handling prowess of the new 911 by showing its abilities in a “Need For Speed” release, instead of on a racetrack? Of course not.

We don’t mean to pick on Subaru, since many manufacturers (including Porsche) are guilty of this. Instead, we’re calling for common sense to prevail on all future manufacturer-produced and car-related videos.

We car fans all have different tastes in music, but the commonality is our love of cars and the music they create. Let’s hear that, instead of the backing track your marketing department insists on dubbing in.