The small electric sports car concept from Honda we showed you earlier this month now has a name: 2011 Honda EV-STER Concept.

The open-top concept, whose compact size evokes memories of the CRX, is Honda’s vision of the electric sports car of the future. Being all-electric, it’s designed to maximize the fun of driving while being completely eco-friendly at the same time.

Honda is keen to stress that electric cars don’t have to be boring. The EV-STER, for example, is rear-wheel drive and its body is composed of carbon composites in order to keep weight down.

The vehicle’s characteristics are also fully adjustable, with the driver able to adjust things like motor output and suspension settings depending on their driving style. Inside, Honda has also chosen to do away with the traditional steering wheel and instead add a twin-lever steering system.

The drive system consists of a tiny electric motor running on lithium-ion batteries and powering the rear wheels. The battery is rated at 10 kWh, with a peak output rating of 78 horsepower.

This is enough to accelerate the EV-STER from 0-37 mph in 5.0 seconds (we’re guessing the 0-60 mph time is almost double that) and see it cover close to 100 miles on a single charge. Charging times can vary between 3 and 6 hours depending on the type of charger used.

While Honda is unwilling to announce any production plans for the EV-STER, or an open-top sports car based on its technology, the automaker does state that it remains committed to developing sports models.

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