For some, the 571-horsepower Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is neither fast enough nor unique enough to be appealing.  What’s the sense of owning one of the world’s fastest convertibles when the valet will be parking it alongside another one every time you visit the Casino in Monte Carlo?

For those who crave more power and distinction from their four-wheeled hair dryers, Brabus is announcing their version of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster at the Essen Motor Show. Like all Brabus products, the Roadster can be built to a customer’s exact specifications, ensuring that they’ll never park next to the same car at the yacht club.

First up is more power. The Brabus SLS AMG Roadster will generate up to 611 horsepower, courtesy of a reprogrammed ECU and a custom titanium exhaust system that weighs nearly 27 pounds less than stock. The exhaust, which can also be fitted to an untuned Mercedes SLS AMG, utilizes a butterfly valve to give the driver “Sport” and “Coming Home” settings. Oddly enough, that's quite a bit less power than Brabus is offering on its tuned SLS AMG Coupe.

If better handling is your goal, the Brabus Roadster starts with forged wheels that weigh up to 12 percent less than the stock wheels. A Brabus Ride Control suspension, developed in cooperation with Bilstein, lowers the ride height by 1.6 inches and allows the driver to switch between sport and comfort modes with the press of a button.

Since you’ll eventually need to navigate speed bumps or steep driveways, the Brabus Front Lift system includes hydraulics to raise the front of the car by two inches with the press of a button. That should be enough to protect the available carbon-fiber Brabus front spoiler and body kit, which can be ordered in glossy or matte carbon fiber, or color matched to your particular car.

Inside, Brabus will make your Roadster as mild or wild as your tastes (and budget) allow. Not only can you order upholstery to your liking, but Brabus will even update your speedometer to a 250 mile per hour gauge, although we’re pretty sure the car will run out of steam before you peg the needle.

Brabus doesn’t quote prices for the upgrades, but if making your Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster faster and more distinctive is a priority for you, we suppose that upgrade pricing won’t be an obstacle.