Yesterday, a report emerged at FordInsideNews that Lincoln's plan to build a luxury C-segment vehicle rivaling the likes of the Audi A3 had been canceled. Today, we have official word from Lincoln communications manager Christian Bokich that that is not the case.

In fact, Lincoln remains committed to its previously-announced plan to introduce seven new vehicles over the next three years, including its first C-segment vehicle. Specifically, Bokich wrote via email, "Lincoln will expand its brand lineup with seven all-new or significantly refreshed vehicles in the next three years – including its first ever C-segment vehicle."

Given the stated timeline, the new compact vehicle should be on the road by 2014. Lincoln's propensity of late to favor the crossover form factor over more conventional sedans could mean the C-segment vehicle come in the form of a soft-roader with beefy-hatch proportions, much like the rumored MKD in our previous article. That inference is helped along by Lincoln's consistent use of the non-specific term "vehicle" in its official communications.

The MKD (if that's what it's called) is expected to share much of its underpinnings with the Ford Escape, but will be smaller in overall size. It will also likely get special attention from Lincoln in terms of design and upgraded materials and features, meaning the chance of cross-shopping and cannibalization of Ford sales (or vice-versa) is small.

We'll keep you at the leading edge of the curve as Lincoln continues its new-model rollout over the coming years, including the upcoming C-segment vehicle--whatever form it may take.