Today is now officially Leaky Monday: first the FT-86 gets its specs revealed by one presentation, now the next-gen Saab 9-3 appears to have been outed by a similar route.

The image of the car, grainy and black-and-white as it is, comes to us by way of Swedish outlet SvD via Autoblog. Showing looks similar to the 9-5, but with a shorter, more aggressively sloped nose and a tighter, more fastback-like roofline, the purported next 9-3 looks like it might just be a winner.

Unfortunately, Saab has been mostly a loser of late, barely hanging onto continued existence through a memorandum of understanding to sell the company to Chinese companies Pang Da and Youngman.

If this is the next 9-3 (or whatever it may be called), we hope it sees production under new ownership, as it might just be enough to revive interest in the brand, which has faded into irrelevance over the past decade or more with watered down designs, uncompetitive pricing, and lackluster performance.

What do you think? If this is the next 9-3 will it be enough to energize the ailing company? Or will it be too little, too late to be a real success?