Just yesterday we brought you still images of the all-new 2012 MINI Roadster, and today we get to follow it up with the MINI Roadster’s video debut. From what we can tell, that’s a MINI Roadster S winding its way through the streets of Istanbul, although we’re at a loss to explain why the occupants are so formally dressed on a Saturday.

We love the exhaust note of the car in the video, which somehow manages to sound more aggressive than a MINI Cooper S. We haven’t driven the MINI Roadster in any variant yet, but MINI will build them in flavors ranging from mild (the 121 horsepower MINI Roadster) to extra-spicy (the 208 horsepower MINI John Cooper Works Roadster).

We’ll admit that we’re still getting used to the proportions and styling of the Roadster (and its hard-top sibling, the MINI Coupe), but that wouldn’t stop us from enjoying a stint behind the wheel of the MINI Roadster S in the video. Our passports are ready, and we’d gladly catch the next flight to Istanbul if MINI needs a few more drivers to wring out the new Roadster.