Here’s what we know: EVI Corporation adds lights and sirens to marked and unmarked police cars for various agencies in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area. One of their latest projects, shown in the YouTube video below, is a 2012 Nissan GT-R, outfitted for a law enforcement agency that, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain nameless.

The car isn’t a seizure from a drug dealer or gun-runner, and EVI reports that it was delivered to them with just 13 miles on the clock. All strobe lights are ultra-stealthy LEDs, which means you won’t get a tip off to the GT-R’s mission until you're digging out your license, registration and insurance documents by the side of the road.

The unnamed police agency isn’t the first department to adopt a Nissan GT-R for police use. Police in Abu Dhabi, UAE, added a Nissan GT-R as an interceptor vehicle back in 2009, and a Nissan GT-R is used by fire department first-responders on Germany’s Nürburgring circuit.

This is nothing more than speculation, but we’re even less inclined to speed in the fair state of Virginia than we were before. Thanks to our friends at Automotive Addicts for alerting us to the added danger to our wallets and insurance premiums.