The old saying that no matter how fast your car is, it can't outrun the radio is still as true as ever, but the cops in Abu Dhabi will have a little less incentive to call for help now that they have a Nissan GT-R on the force.

Painted up in full United Arab Emirates regalia and looking a bit more race car than police car, it promises to be one of the most enjoyable work-related applications of the car since the Nurburgring fire-car. No word on where--or why--the UAE sourced this particular police vehicle, or if any internal modifications have been made to accommodate its new purpose in life.

For those that don't remember, a Nissan GT-R also serves daily duty as the world's fastest fire vehicle at the Nurburgring, ready to put out fires at a moment's notice, able to reach nearly any point on the ring from a central location in minutes.

For more on the GT-R fire-car, read up on it here, and hit the links below for more photos of the Abu Dhabi police GT-R on the street.


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