Picture it: you're halfway into a hot lap of the Nurburgring's Nordschleife, braking hard for the infamous Bergwerk turn when your peripheral vision catches a glimpse of the rear-view mirror and you realize that Viper you just passed is coming in way too hot and there's nowhere for you to go. The next thing you know, you're in the barrier and so is the Viper, both cars having driven their last laps. You need help, and you're about 5.5mi (9km) from the start-finish line. This isn't far from where Niki Lauda almost died in 1976.

But then, just a scant four minutes later, the newest member of the Nurburgring's emergency response team arrives, lights flashing: the Nissan GT-R Streckensicherung, or Rapid Response Vehicle. Armed with its own light bar, roll cage, Recaro seats and safety harnesses, the car can quickly get to any part of the track to address an emergency situation as soon as possible.

And with thousands of tourists on the track each year, there's sure to be no shortage of cause for such a vehicle. Fortunately, once the GT-R rescue car gets to the scene of the bad decision, it can do more than spectate: equipped with a foam and water fire extinguishing system, it will make sure you don't roast while you're waiting for the medical reinforcements to arrive.
Via: GT-R Blog