It's a classic recipe: take one high-performance sports car, add power to taste. How powerful you like it depends largely on your budget, but this time Switzer has made one for people not only with large bank accounts, but also with a huge appetite for speed. Starting with a stock Porsche 911 997 twin-turbo, the tuners end up with a car capable of sub-3-second 0-60mph runs and consistent 10.5-second quarter miles.

That's nothing to sneeze at, and it's all the more impressive considering how much wasn't changed from the standard car. For instance, it still runs on standard 93 octane pump gas. It still uses the stock intake manifold and throttle body, and it's an easier install process than the Switzer 911 GT2 Sledgehammer package it's based on.

Delivering the power through a more street-friendly AWD system doesn't hurt things either, but once the twin Garret GT30 turbochargers - with custom billet compressor wheels - are strapped on and gases are piped through Switzer's custom exhaust and headers, the engine generates a full 800hp, giving the P800 package its numerical significance.

Other upgrades include a carbon clutch, electronic boost control, Monster brand intercoolers, and custom ECU software. The P800 package is now available through Switzer Performance dealers, but you'll have to contact them yourself to find out how much it costs. To see and hear the car in action, check out the video of a testing dyno run below.

Switzer Performance L5 800 package Porsche 911 hits the dyno