Talk about a "Panamera Junior," or Pajun for short, has been whipping about the web all year long. The latest moves the talk into more detailed territory, but remains tentative at best.

Dug up by CAR Online as part of its ongoing "scoops" on Porsche's next round of vehicles, the details say the upcoming Pajun will launch in 2016.

It's expected to get a rear/all-wheel drive optional configuration, a new family of V-6 and V-8 engines that will be shared with much of the rest of the line, and up to four body variants: coupe, sedan, convertible, and shooting brake. Power output is expected to range from 250 horsepower to as much as 550 horsepower in the hotter Turbo incarnations.

Styling is expected to be edgy, but without the Quasimodo rear end of the Panamera. Instead, it is said to get a three-box design (at least in sedan and coupe form).

We'll keep digging for more solid info on the Pajun as work on the car continues, though with another four-plus years before it's finished, there could be any number of direction changes.