If you've been on the list to own a 2012 Fisker Karma, you've probably been waiting a while--it's been on the show circuit for about three years now. The first deliveries to customers just started a few months ago, but Fisker says it will have the majority of its 3,000 reservation holders driving in Karmic style by the end of the year.

That's what Fisker communications rep Roger Ormisher told Edmunds' AutoObserver, at least. The company has hit a bit of a hitch, with 200 of the cars already built and ready for delivery, awaiting EPA and CARB approval.

Despite the delays--a familiar thing now for Karma pre-orderers, with four on the books since late 2010--the company is confident it'll meet its end-of-year goal. We still have our doubts, but given the Karma's impressive specs and gorgeous looks, we hope the lucky, wealthy, and patient reservation holders finally get what's coming to them.