Anyone want 150, zero-mile, right-hand drive 1997 Chrysler Neons?

No, us neither. But for anyone out there who does, such a thing is actually available right now.

The large stock of essentially brand new Neons is being sold in Singapore by Arete Trading Pte Ltd. We've no idea how they've come to acquire such a large stock of 14-year old cars in a variety of different colors, but they've clearly been there a while judging by their dusty grave.

Not much is revealed about the cars in the advert, only that they do each have a spare wheel but don't have a stereo system. The Neon was sold under the Chrysler banner in right-hand drive markets, rather than the Dodge and Plymouth brands as it was in the U.S.

And the price? Only $1,350 each, which seems something of a bargain for a brand new (old) car. You'd likely pay the same for a very well-used example.

Alternatively, if you have just over $200,000 you could buy the lot and have the makings of a race series... If you have any more suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

Thanks to @JWinstanley on Twitter for the tip.