Late yesterday we brought you a new video released by Infiniti depicting its brand ambassador, Formula 1 ace Sebastian Vettel, talking with design director Shiro Nakamura and looking over some concept sketches for what’s believed to be a new special edition model destined to debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

While we initially thought the model would be a Vettel-tuned IPL G Coupe, new details suggest that it could be based on the recently revealed 2012 Infiniti FX.

As Vettel and Nakamura stand around a table littered with parts from Red Bull's F1 car in the video, we get a few glimpses at some design images laying on the table.

We also hear them discuss a gray matte color that could be used on the new car, before Nakamura says to Vettel “you drive it in white.” While this  may not seem unusual, Sebastian Vettel just so happens to drive a white Infiniti FX50 as his personal company car.

Ever since Infiniti's tie-up with Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 program, talk, both official and unofficial, about a special-edition car has been circulating. And, Infiniti has announced that it is planning something special for the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Watch it for yourself and see what you can divine, then report back in the comments below.

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