So, F1 fans, after spending four years without a U.S. Grand Prix, we'll finally get another in 2012, thanks to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. But could a New Jersey street circuit join the party, too?

According to the Wall Street Journal, it's on the table. We're not looking up air travel just yet, however--rumors of F1 going to the New York City area have been many, but none have panned out. Things are looking up for the New Jersey street circuit plan, however, as Weehawken and West New York city officials are backing the idea.

Eyeing an F1 race as a huge potential influx of cash to the local economies, mayors of both cities hope to attract a race. Monaco it ain't, but the near-NYC parts of New Jersey do offer their own unique allure for the F1 contingent: plenty of existing infrastructure to support the race and the thrill of a street circuit being primary.

Right now the talks are at the earliest stages, however, with the mayors of Weehawken and West New York working with a group of investors to back the race plan. Neither Formula 1, nor F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, have made any comment on the matter.

Hit the link below to get the full story, including a map of the planned F1 circuit. Whatever happens in New Jersey, however, we can take comfort in the 2012-2021 contract for F1 to race in Austin.

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