Video has emerged showing a likely mule for Ferrari's new hybrid powertrain testing at the automaker's Fioarno circuit.

The mule is based on the 488 GTB but shown to accelerate without any noise, suggesting it's running on electric power alone.

Ferrari has confirmed a new hybrid powertrain for launch around 2019. It will likely appear first in the automaker's SUV or the 488 GTB successor.

Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne in 2016 said most Ferraris would be electrified beyond 2019 to meet stricter emissions regulations the automaker will face once its annual production passes the 10,000-car threshold. Ferrari is expected to surpass that figure once its SUV arrives, as this year's tally will likely already hit 9,000 units.

Last month Marchionne revealed that the hybrid powertrain will combine a V-8 with an electric drive system, and that it won't erode the brand's characteristically refined and powerful powertrains. Worryingly, he hinted that it may end up replacing the automaker's V-12 powertrains.

Note, Ferrari's LaFerrari launched in 2013 was the automaker's first production hybrid. However, its battery only stores enough charge to enable the car to drive out of a garage silently. As the latest video shows, Ferrari's new hybrid powertrain will likely feature a battery big enough to offer credible electric range.