The Audi Q7 has been with us for a while, more than six years to be exact, yet the full-size luxury SUV remains one of the most stylish offerings in its segment even after all these years.

Nevertheless, there are always ways to improve the styling of a vehicle and in the case of the Audi Q7, British tuning outfit A. Kahn Design has provided us with one very interesting path.

With its previous TT and A5 packages already on sale, it was only a matter of time before the tuning firm would get its hands on the big Audi Q7.

The philosophy of Afzal Kahn, the firm’s founder, was always to combine mechanical perfection and exterior beauty, but in a very British way.

For the Q7, this translates to the addition of a wide-bodykit consisting of new wheel arches, custom bumpers, and chrome detailing. Some of the items include a large upper roof wing, painted brake calipers, and mirror backs finished in gunmetal gray.

In terms of performance, the A. Kahn Design Audi Q7 has been fitted with a high-flow sports exhaust system, a stiffer suspension setup, and wider tires. The new tires, incidentally, are wrapped around a set of A. Kahn Design’s trademark black RSX wheels, which on the Q7 measure in at 22-inches in diameter.

Inside is a complete bespoke interior design available to suit individual tastes. Featured here is black-quilted perforated Nappa leather with red stitching along with a speedo and rev counter finished in red and cream. There are also a set of machined aluminum foot pedals. By buying a A. Kahn Design vehicle, you are given the opportunity to really make it your own by also modifying the trim.