When it comes to automotive blank canvases, the Ford Mustang has to be in the top five. No one who buys a Mustang keeps it stock for long, and there are countless ways to spend your hard-earned pay on making it go faster, handle better or simply look cooler.

Ford is well aware of this, and it’s offered mechanical upgrades through Ford Racing for years. Not wanting to pass on the custom vinyl graphics business, either, Ford began offering custom graphics for the Mustang in 2010.

Last September, Ford even launched an all new customizer website that challenged fans to build their own one-of-a-kind Mustang, then battle other custom designs on Facebook.

More than just a (very effective) time-suck, the site also served to show the various style options for Mustang shoppers, available through Ford or Ford-authorized suppliers (like Roush). From custom grilles through unique hoods, vinyl graphics, body kits and wheels, you can create the Mustang of your dreams in the comfort of your own home.

This video is meant as a reminder that the 2013 Mustang represents something unique to even buyer and even every fan. While we don’t recommend giving the keys to a Shelby GT500 to a pre-teen in a tutu, we understand the sentiment. You’re never too young to become a fan of the Mustang.