For years BMW fans have longed for the return of the original M3 philosophy. That philosophy was a light weight sports car bred for racing and built for the street. The Current M3 is heavy and filled with technology. BMW feels it has answered its fans requests with the new 2011 1M Coupe.

Depending on your definition of better, many will look at the current M3 on paper and deem it better than the 1M Coupe. Though once you drive both back to back, your viewpoint might change. You'll instantly notice a difference in torque and weight, along with how balanced the car is.

So today we ask you, which is better, the 2011 BMW 1M Coupe or the 2011 BMW M3? Tweet us your response and make sure to include the hashtag #Sibling Rivalry- and you'll join the chorus right here via CoverItLive.