Perhaps the strongest indication yet that Lamborghini is planning to put its striking Estoque sedan concept from the 2008 Paris Auto Show into production has come by way of clear statements from the automaker’s CEO that a third Lamborghini model is in the works and that it will be an “everyday” car.

Speaking during the recent Reuters Global Luxury and Fashion Summit, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann unequivocally stated: “We are going to have a third model. It has to be an everyday car. We want to have a car which is able to be used on a daily basis."

However, Winkelmann quickly added that no decision on which segment the new model will sit has been made and even when plans are finalized the car will still take about four years to reach showrooms.

In a surprise move, Winkelmann also revealed that Lamborghini has no plans to work together with a fellow Volkswagen Group brand, though he conceded some synergies within the group will benefit the project. 

Jordan Shiraki Lamborghini Portfolio for Stefan Winkelmann

Jordan Shiraki Lamborghini Portfolio for Stefan Winkelmann

This latter revelation is in stark contrast to previous reports that suggested Lamborghini’s third model would share a platform with a rumored Audi A9 four-door coupe, potentially jeopardizing plans for a production version of the well-received Estoque.

However, perhaps Lamborghini will end up following Ferrari’s lead and stick to building sports cars.

A modern version of the Lamborghini Miura packing the Aventador LP700-4’s 700 horsepower V-12 and rivaling the upcoming Ferrari 599 replacement is just begging to be built. Or perhaps Lamborghini could build a successor to its original Espada four-seater as a direct rival to the top-selling Ferrari FF.

Whatever the outcome, it’s obvious which markets Lamborghini is targeting for its new model. The everyday practically Winkelmann speaks of is a widespread requirement of emerging markets such as Russia, China and India where poor road conditions and heavy congestion make driving Lamborghini’s current pair of low-slung supercars very difficult



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