The Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 was known long before it was officially released, though you can't really blame the enthusiasts for their eagerness to learn about it. It is, after all, one of Porsche's best cars, brought it closer to the 4.0-liter race car by using some of its parts and some from the GT2 RS.

It gets its power through stronger, race-proven engine internals, generating 500 horsepower--125 horsepower per liter from a naturally aspirated flat six. The suspension gets aluminum struts and lightweight springs, adjustments to the rear axle that improve reaction to driver inputs, and extra aero at both ends help control the car at high speed. Only 600 will be built.

Check out the video for a quick overview of the GT3 RS 4.0's improvements, and, of course, the sights and sounds of the car doing what it was made to do.