Easily one of the strangest concepts on show at this week’s 2011 New York Auto Show, Nissan’s Leaf Nismo RC was made even stranger by being presented bathed in blue light. Described as ‘Purpose-Built Prototype’, the Leaf Nismo RC essentially wraps the zero-emissions drivetrain and technology of the production 2012 Nissan Leaf with a carbon fiber race car shell.

This isn’t just a one-off concept never to be seen again, however. Following its debut in New York, the Leaf Nismo RC will serve as a rolling laboratory for the accelerated development of electric cars and aerodynamic systems, as well as a platform for the development of new green motorsports series.

The electric race vehicle will likely make a series of special demonstration appearances at various motorsports venues in 2011, with Nissan also exploring a pioneer zero emission competition spec series in future years.

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