Playboy is back with a new list of the best classic sports cars around, ensuring that you’ll always be traveling in style. All of the mid-century classics listed top 40 years of age, yet they offer performance, looks and road-handling agility to best some of the top sports cars on sale today.

These were cars built when the most advanced safety feature was still the seat-belt. No sophisticated electronics, air bags or antilock brakes here, just stylish metal, powerful engines and a pair of seats. Some of the highlights include this 1956-1959 BMW 507 Roadster, as well as the 1960s era Jaguar E-Type and even a 1964 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans GTO.

Playboy also notes that many of these cars aren’t just fun to drive and look at, they could also prove a sound investment. Judging by the multi-million dollar bids at the major vehicle auctions in recent years, when it comes to smart investing the classic car market has outperformed many of the top firms on the New York Stock Exchange.

Looks like you now have a legitimate reason to say you read Playboy only for the articles. Follow the jump below to see the full list and just a heads up, this might not be the best site to be visiting whilst at work. Note that the same list appears in the April issue of the print magazine.

By the way, if modern cars are more your thing, Playboy has you covered here too. Click here to view Playboy’s hottest cars of 2011.


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