• 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

    Playboy is hardly a stranger when it comes to the practice of compiling lists of some of the world’s hottest models, and that includes car models. Each and every year the popular men’s magazine puts together a list of some of the best cars in a variety of segments, and now the 2014 list is out. MUST SEE: The Stress Of Loading A $4.1 Million Lamborghini Veneno Onto A Truck Will Kill You: Video The all-encompassing title of Playboy’s 2014 Car of the Year went to Jaguar’s stunning F-Type, picked because of its beauty, performance and its perfect embodiment of the Jaguar...

  • 2014 Jaguar F-Type
    Jaguar And Playboy Play Matchmaker, Give F-Type To Playmate

    Raquel Pomplun is a beautiful young lady. That's what we in the biz of writing call an understatement. Pomplun is wildly attractive. We're talking the variety of beauty that scrambles the brain and senses, often resulting in a guttural tone as the only available form of communication left. Okay...

  • 1962 Ferrari 330 LM bearing chassis no. 3765
    Playboy Compiles The Top 25 Cars Of The Postwar Era

    If you ask 100 car enthusiasts to name the most significant cars of the postwar era (after 1945), only one thing is certain: you aren’t likely to get the same list twice. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and see how difficult it is to include one make and model at the expense of...

  • Playboy's hottest cars of 2012
    Playboy Picks Its Hottest Cars Of 2012

    Say you’re a debonair guy with a healthy bank account and in need of some new wheels, but you don’t know a Ferrari from a Fiat. Well, the classic expert on good taste and all things men like, Playboy, has put together its annual list of the hottest cars of the coming year to help you...

  • 1956-1959 BMW 507 Roadster
    Playboy Picks The Best Classic Sports Cars

    Playboy is back with a new list of the best classic sports cars around, ensuring that you’ll always be traveling in style. All of the mid-century classics listed top 40 years of age, yet they offer performance, looks and road-handling agility to best some of the top sports cars on sale today...

  • Playboy 2011 Car or the Year awards
    Playboy Picks Its Hottest Cars Of 2011

    Now you have a legitimate reason to tell your significant other that you’re only reading the latest issue of Playboy for the articles as the world famous magazine has published its list of the hottest models of 2011…err on four-wheels that is. Yes, Playboy’s 2011 Cars of the Year...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera

    The Playboy list of 10 hottest cars of 2010 reads like an enthusiast's dream garage.

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