Those with a passion for cars, whether you’re just a fan or a serious collector with some unique metal hiding away, now have a new place online to store all your photo histories and archives, and help share them with the world--discretely.

Thanks to Dimostra Automuseo, car enthusiasts can gain access to some of the most impressive car collections ever assembled, all from the comfort of their own home. The Chicago-based company digitally archives and curates private car collections, and has recently announced the debut of an online collector car gallery.  

Dimostra was conceived on the concept that regardless of the size or value of a collection, car enthusiasts are proud of their cars and are willing to share their collection with fellow enthusiasts. However, with some classic cars now selling for tens of millions of dollars, owners are becoming more and more reluctant to show off their cars to the general public.  

The man behind the company, David Nawrocki, explains that the online gallery has the secondary benefit of educating younger generations of the historical significance of the included cars, which he adds, “ultimately protects their long term collectability and value”.

Check out Dimostra’s ever-expanding collection now by following the jump below.

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