Dimostra Automuseo

  • Dimostra Automuseo online store

    Remember Dimostra Automuseo’s online storage service for car collectors and photographers? Well the company has now expanded the service with a new online store where virtually anyone can have the stunning artwork typical of the material in Dimostra Automuseo’s database in their very own homes. Currently the store is featuring two products, high quality, removable wall decals as well as beautiful hardcover books by Michael Furman. The decals are essentially large prints with a reusable adhesive backing, which means you can move them later if you desire. They’re great for...

  • Dimostra’s online archive has a vast collection of car images
    Dimostra Automuseo Is Online Haven For Car Buffs And Collectors

    Those with a passion for cars, whether you’re just a fan or a serious collector with some unique metal hiding away, now have a new place online to store all your photo histories and archives, and help share them with the world--discretely. Thanks to Dimostra Automuseo, car enthusiasts can...

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