Justice of the Court at the 24 Hours of Lemons, progenitor of more than a few car-spotting and project columns (including a handful of copycats), gentleman Manta-pusher, and lifestyle brand-builder Murilee Martin has joined the rolls here at MotorAuthority. Join us in wishing him a warm welcome!

You may know Murilee from places like Jalopnik, Hooniverse, The Truth About Cars, or his own site MurileeMartin.com, but rest assured: what you're getting here is genuine 10w-Awesome Murilee. Straight from the Guilty Pleasures department, he'll be bringing you a weekly look at the cars we all love to own but hate to own up to, starting with this week's installment, the Subaru Justy.

Sound off, and welcome Mr. Martin to the fold.