Aftermarket tuner Saleen, a builder of some of the most insane modified Mustangs on the planet, will stop building cars at the end of the year and instead focus on its parts and accessories business. The information was revealed this week by Saleen’s parent company, Revstone, which is the owner of both the Saleen Performance Vehicles and Saleen Speedlab brands.

The move will leave Saleen as a second stage manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket performance parts and was made due to demand and customer feedback.

According to Saleen, the new focus on parts and accessories will mean that a wider range of high performance offerings can be made. Additionally, Saleen’s vehicle engineering and development team will also be free now to focus on the parts business.

As part of this strategic shift, the company has announced that the 2011 Saleen S302 will be the last car produced under the Saleen name. Production of the last batch of S302 models should be completed by the quarter of the year.

Importantly, Saleen will continue to honor its vehicle warranties.

[Saleen via MustangsDaily]