Audi manufacturing plant

Audi manufacturing plant

It’s safe to say that 2010 was a bumper year for Audi. With a total of 1,092,411 sales under its belt, Audi managed to draw in a record $49.2 billion in revenue which resulted in a profit after tax of $3.6 billion.

The same year also saw Audi break its annual vehicle sales record in the U.S., and unrelenting progress in China ensured that 2010 was easily the best year for sales in the automaker’s history.

The successful performance was particularly due to a multitude of new product launches in the past 12 months including the flagship A8, stylish A7 Sportback and even the entry-level A1. It’s interesting to note that two of these models, the A7 and A1, aren’t even sold in the U.S. so we should see Audi’s local sales performance rise even further if these newcomers are offered here.

Western Europe, including Germany, remains the biggest market for Audi with sales of 611,905 vehicles in 2010. However, demand in China is rapidly growing and is poised to be the single biggest market for Audi this year.

With such a successful year behind it, and new models like the A6 and Q3 crossover on the horizon, Audi is now lifting its targets higher, with 1.2 million vehicle sales forecast for 2011.