With both baseline and after-modification dynos in this video, Lingenfelter puts their latest kit for the CTS-V Coupe on the table with 623 horsepower and 617 pound-feet of torque--at the rear wheels. The video also shows a bit of how they get there.

CNC ported and polished heats, a GT9 camshaft, upgraded supercharger internals and pulley, ported throttle body, and a new air intake duct, upgraded 63 lb/hr injectors, Corsa cat-back exhauset, plus the requisite tune to tie it all together combine to make the Lingenfelter formula.

Check it out for yourself, and imagine what the already-fantastic CTS-V Coupe would be like with another 150 or so horses on tap. Raucous.

[Lingenfelter via YouTube]