If you've ever wondered what it might be like to suddenly stop being the least-known person on the world's best-known automotive TV show, Ben Collins has your answer. Apparently it creates a deep desire to race electric cars in an upstart series.

At least, that's all we can surmise from Ben Collins' decision to dice it up on track with the denizens of the EVCup.

What the heck is the EVCup, you ask? It's a new series for 2011, exclusively for electric cars, much like the TTXGP, as AllCarsElectric's Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield points out. Except instead of electric superbikes whooshing around the corners, it's a pack of modified THINK City EVs (City EV class) or modified Westfield iRacers (Sports EV class).

While it's unfortunate that the EVCup didn't manage to field 20+ electric supercars for its inaugural season, the truth is there simply aren't that many robust examples around. And the 115-mph top speed of the Sports EV class cars is comparable to the top speeds seen in Spec Miata racing, a grassroots series known for its close racing and very enjoyable fan experience. After all, the age-old question of whether it's more fun to drive a slow car fast or a fast car slow is answered within seconds of getting a decent-sized pack of them on track. Slow car racing can be every bit as exciting, and fun, as F1.

Collins, for his part, is taking a broader view of racing EVs, saying that motorsport is perhaps the best crucible for the testing and development of new automotive technology, no matter the source of power for the drivewheels. He has a fair point, as we can thank motorsports for many of driver aids, safety systems, and performance technologies we all use on the road today. We're looking forward to what the racing EVs of today will bring to our garages tomorrow.

For a look at the EVCup and Collins' participation from a greener angle, don't miss AllCarsElectric's coverage at the link below, and for more details on the EVCup, visit the official site also linked below.

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