Johnson Controls previews vehicle interior of the future

Johnson Controls previews vehicle interior of the future

Engineering firm Johnson Controls has unveiled a new concept at this week’s 2011 Detroit Auto Show that’s described as a preview of technologies we can expect to see in vehicle interiors in the near future.

Combining intelligent packaging solutions with sustainable motoring concepts, the vehicle interior concept, dubbed ie3, is one of the most comprehensive we’ve seen in a while and should prove vital to the design and evolution of vehicles from almost every major automaker.

Some of its key features include stadium seating, where the rear seats are positioned higher than those in front in order to provide occupants with a better view of what’s up ahead, waterproof and recyclable trim materials and plenty of LED ambient lighting.

In terms of packaging, the rear seats can fold flat or recline at a 45-degree angle. Additionally, the center console features a storage port ideal for holding a handbag or laptop case.

Electronic gizmos include a 6.5-inch cluster display that rises in front of the driver once the ignition is switched on. This is joined by a 9.0-inch display located in the middle of the instrument panel. The final touch, designers have installed a series of six transducers behind the headliner to replace traditional speakers.

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