In the market for a very affordable midsize sedan with aspirational tendencies? Chrysler offers up the 2011 200, now available for your custom configuration online. Though it's up against some of the strongest competition in the business, Chrysler thinks the not-Sebring packs enough punch to fight above its weight.

Our first drive experience with the car confirmed many upgrades--both aesthetic and substantive--to the new 200's ancestral roots. The interior, in particular, is a definite step up, though a few remnants of its gestation linger.

Under the hood, Chrysler's new Pentastar V-6 (an optional upgrade from the standard 2.4-liter four-pot mill) provides a bounty of power, but commensurate torque steer. Ride quality is better, though it may vary between 17-inch and 18-inch wheel/tire choices. It's also available with a broad range of feature sets from relatively Spartan to borderline lux.

You can play with all of these factors, complete with pricing, at Chrysler's configurator. To get some kind of idea which options you might want to keep and which are best skipped, be sure to read our first drive review in detail.